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Questions to Ask Prospective Estate Planning Attorneys

Although many people mistakenly think that they have to be old, terminally ill, or have massive amounts of wealth to pass on in order to put together an estate plan, this is simply not true. The best time to hire an attorney for an estate plan is right now. If you are young, do not have a lot of assets, that’s okay. Estate planning is a good idea for everyone, but especially if you have any assets at all. If you have children or a home, estate planning is particularly vital. Finding the right lawyer is where you should really do your homework. Plan to talk to a few before you hire one to do your estate plan.


Do You Offer An Initial Consultation?

Most attorneys in practically every area of law will offer an initial consultation. However, some attorneys charge a fee for their initial consultation and you should ask about the fee before scheduling an appointment. At Crews Law, our goal in an initial consultation is to educate you about estate planning and give you the opportunity to understand how an estate plan can benefit you. We never charge for the initial consultation because we don’t think you should spend your hard-earned money just to find out whether an attorney is a good fit for you. If you decide not to engage us to perform any services, then there is never a charge. If you decide to retain us to prepare estate planning documents, then we will quote an exact price so that you know what we are proposing to do for you and how much it will cost. This is how we prefer to begin a relationship with a client because we may be working with them for a long time, probably throughout their entire life.

Can I Make Changes To My Estate Plan Later?

The short answer is “Yes”. Most of your documents can be changed in the future as your life circumstances change, including additions to your family, adding assets, job changes, and many other possible life changes. Knowing in advance how these changes will be handled is important. At Crews Law, we give significant discounts for existing clients to make changes to your estate plan. Our goal is your piece of mind and that certainly includes making future changes to your estate plan.

What Other Issues Can You Handle?

You probably want to work with an attorney whose primary practice area is estate planning. However, you can also benefit greatly when you choose to work with a lawyer who has a wealth of experience in estate planning but also can take care of other areas such as taxes and retirement issues. Chuck Crews formerly practiced as a CPA and investment advisor. He uses his knowledge in these areas to assist clients with the important issues that can arise in estate planning. Whoever you decide to call, make sure they have the experience to help you with all your estate planning needs.

Do You Have Experience With Clients Like Me?

Finally, make sure that you are working with an attorney who has experience representing clients in situations similar to yours. If you have significant assets, for example, work with an attorney who has worked with people who have a lot of wealth before. If you have a young family, working with an attorney who has represented clients with minor children can be a significant benefit to you as well. Just make sure that the lawyer has relevant experience so that you can rest assured there won’t be any surprises that pop up in your estate plan later. Chuck Crews has experience with clients of all ages, with young children and adult children, and all levels of wealth. If he can’t help with your estate planning situation, he can usually recommend an attorney who can.

If you need to hire an estate planning attorney in the Greenville, SC, area, Crews Law Office has the experience you need to handle the entire estate planning process.

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