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You may be familiar with guardians for children, and guardians in estate planning law are similar. A Guardian takes care of an adult who can no longer take care of themselves due to incapacitation or physical impairment. As people age, they can become infirm, develop dementia, or suffer injuries that prevent them from caring for themselves. When that happens, the appointment of a Guardian may be needed to give someone the legal authority to make medical decisions, determine where an infirm person will live, and any other issue concerning the person’s well-being. At Crews Law, we can assist you in becoming a Guardian for an adult who has such needs.


A conservator is someone who manages the financial affairs and property of a person who is no longer able to do so for themselves. A Conservator may be necessary to protect an infirm person from predatory family members, creditors, and scam artists. Again, Crews Law can assist you if your appointment as a Conservator is necessary.


The process of becoming a Guardian or Conservator can be daunting. We have experience in this process and can ensure all the requirements are met to protect your loved ones. Call us for a free consultation.

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